World’s notable mountaineers and explorers – Hong, Sung Taek is a Korean mountaineer, adventurer and explorer. He was born on 13th of March, 1966 in the countryside of South Korea, and grew up helping his parents with their farming. Growing up in the countryside, he was always surrounded by nature and ran around to the mountains and rivers. He started Judo when he was in junior high school and he took up the career as a Judo player since then. He won many titles when he was in high school, thereby he entered University as a Judo athlete and majored in Judo.

He trained very hard for the medal in Olympics and went through numerous matches. However, there was an unfortunate accident that his opponent severely injured during the match, and he was deeply pained by that accident and became disillusioned with the sport, and he quitted Judo and wandered. To ease the pain and find some peace of mind, he started to go back to the mountains that he loved in his childhood. From then on, he was absorbed in the mountains, joined the alpine club and spent all his time climbing and hiking mountains.

After knowing mountains, he began dreaming about becoming a mountain climber and climbing the Himalayas, and the dream and mountains literally dominated his life since then.

His physical strength built up by the Judo training made him stand out when he climb mountains, so he has been picked for the expedition team to the Himalayas. During those Himalayan climbing, he lead the team more than any other members and he started to feel that he has a strong ability to survive and he has a sort of instinctive wildness in him. Those experiences gave him confidence that he can do well on extreme climbing and exploration, so he firmly decided to be a professional mountain climber and polar explorer. He’s been keep challenging much higher, tougher destinations from that time.

He is currently a National Geographic Explorers supported by a National Geographic explorers program and a principal of KSAF Mountaineers Academy. He is renowned for reaching all the Three Poles and crossing the Bering Strait and Greenland for the first time. He summited Everest in 1995, skied to the South Pole in 1994 and walked to the North Pole in 2005. He also crossed Bering Strait by foot in 2012 and crossed Greenland by dog sledding in 2011. He was thus the first in the world to reach all the five poles (Everest, North and South Poles, Bering Straits, Greenland).

Expeditions –

2019, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2007 & 1999 – He chose to reach Lhotse (8516 M) through one of the most technical, big and notorious walls in Himalaya, South Wall. However, he could reach upto 8300 M.

2012 – He crossed Bering Strait (by foot) (February 23 ~ 29, 2012)

2011 – He crossed Greenland (2500 km) (May ~ July 19, 2011)

2008 – He made an unsuccessful attempt to reach the summit of Everest SW face (8848 m)

2005 – He successfully reached North Pole (N90) (by foot) on 30th April, 2005

2002 – He made an attempt to Pumori thru east face (7117 m)

1998 – He successfully reached the summit of Thapa peak (6012 m) (April 18, 1998)

1996 – Dhaulagiri (8167 m) Annapurna (8091 m)

1995 – He successfully climbed Everest (8848 m) (October 14, 1995)

1995 – He made a successful bid of Shishapangma (8046 m) (August, 1995)

1994 – Sung reached South Pole (S90) (by ski and walk) (January 1, 1994)

1994 – He made an attempt to reach the summit of Pumori thru its NE face (7117 m)

1993 – He made the first bid to Everest (8848 m)

1992 – Sung successfully climbed Khan Tengri (7010 m) (August 5, 1991.

Credit – Website of Hong Sung Taek and other sources

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세계의 탐험가들을 소개하는 책 “익스플로러스”.

Explorers” is a book introducing explorers from around the world.

영광스럽게도 콜럼버스, 로알 아문센, 스코트, 섀클턴, 헨슨, 힐러리등 세계를 대표하는 위대한 탐험가들에 대한 이야기와 함께 홍성택(Hong Sung Taek)이 등재 되었습니다.

Along with the stories of world-renowned explorers such as Christopher Columbus, Roald Amundsen, Robert Scott, Ernest Shackleton, Mattew Henson and Edmund Hillary, Hong Sung Taek‘s challenges were also introduced.

극지 탐험가로는 아시아인 중 유일하게 소개되어 있습니다. 이 책은 영국, 미국 그리고 세계 각지의 청소년들을 대상으로 만들어진 책입니다.

The book is designed for children and youth around the world and Sung-Taek is the only Asian introduced among the polar explorers in the book.

영국의 명문 출판사 돌링 킨더슬리에서 출판되었습니다.

The book is published by the prestigious British publisher Dorling Kindersley (DK).

훌륭한 책을 만들어 준 작가 Nellie Huang, DK 출판사의 Sam Priddy에게 감사의 말을 전하고 싶습니다.

Many thanks to Nellie Huang, author of great books, and Sam Priddy from DK Publishing.

세계의 위대한 탐험들에 대해 궁금하신 분들은 아래 링크를 통해 책을 확인해주세요.

If you are interested in world’s greatest adventures, check out the book via the link below.

I was sobbing and praying in the white moonlight of Lhotse South Face to go to the top. Please, god, let the wind and snow stop, only for three days! However, the weather in the Himalayas was harsh, and the brutal winds blew without stopping even when the shadows lengthened with the sunset. Far away over the top of Amadablam, the beautiful sunset glow, soft like silk, was spread out over the sky, but at the same time, the rough winds blew towards us made me realize that I am just a weak and meaningless warmblooded creature. And I had to come back realizing that this was not the time, again.

나는 정상으로 가기 위해 로체남벽 하얀달빛아래 고개 숙여 흐느껴 기도했다 삼일만 눈과 바람을 멈추게 해 달라고 하지만 히말라야의 날씨는 가혹했고 불어 오는 처절한 바람은 저녁 그림자 길게 누워도 멈출줄 모르고 불어 왔다
멀리 아마다블람 정상 위론 노을이 비단결처럼 고운데 이곳으로 불어오는 바람은 내 몸속에 그저 따듯한 피가 흐르는 나약하고 무의미한 존재임을 깨닫게 했다. 그리고 나는 이번도 때가 아니라는것을 깨달았다.

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|| Meet Hong Sung Taek, who came to Nepal to attempt Lhotse South Face, for the sixth time ||
News Link:

South Korean mountaineer, explorer and adventurer Sung Taek Hong (53) once again came to Nepal to climb Lhotse South Face for the sixth time. The South Face of Lhotse is considered to be one of the toughest climbs of the world. The South Face of Lhotse is challenging because of the presence of a vertical wall of height 3300m (11000 feet) with frequent snowfall, rockfall, avalanches and severe winds.

In 1999, Hong first attempted to summit the mountain via South Face but failed. Since then he has attempted four more times but was unable to make it to the top. In the Autumn of 2017, he reached the highest point among his five attempts via this route ie. 8300m.

He is renowned for his “5 Extremes” expeditions, where he crossed the South Pole by Ski and on foot in 1994, Summited Everest in 1995, crossed the North Pole on foot in 2005, crossed Greenland by Dog sled in 2011 and crossed Bering Strait on foot from Russia to Alaska (Uelen, Chukotsky Dist. to Wales, Alaska) in 2012.
His Lhotse South Face Attempt *

1. 1999 Autumn, reached 7700m

2. 2007 Spring

3. 2014 Autumn, reached 7900m

4. 2015 Autumn, reached 8200m

5. 2017 Autumn, reached 8300m

* There is a mismatch in information regarding the year of Hong’s 2nd and 3rd attempts. We have taken information from The Himalayan Database and NatGeo website. Though the old website of Hong had the exact match with the above information, his current website stated his 2nd attempt was in Autumn 2008 and there is no information regarding his 3rd attempt (Autumn 2014). According to The Himalayan Database, in Autumn 2008 and 2013 he attempted Lhotse via West Face.

Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia

Hong’s Website Link:
NatGeo Website Link:


lhotse south face

출발에 즈음하여

로체남벽은 결코 쉬운산이 아님을 알기에 오랬동안 훈련하며 준비 했다.유명한 산악인은 이 산을 실패하며 애기 했다고 한다,로체 남벽을 오르는것은 14좌를 완등하는것보다 더 가치있고 21세기에나 가능한 산이라고. 등반의 위대한 전략은 포기하지 않는것이고 누구도 다치지 않고 안전하게 성공하는것이다. 나는 여러번 실패를 했다.이제 나에게 호평도 비평도 필요없다, 실패와 성공을 떠나 누구도 희생되지 않고 모두가 행복하고 후회롭지 않은 등반을 했을때 비록 실패를 하더라고 명예로운 실패가 될것이다.이제 때는 왔다,하지만 이번 등반은 결코 쉽지 않은 거칠고 가혹한 등반이 될것이다. 정상을 어떻게 오를것인가도 중요 하지만 얼마나 더 안전하게 성공 할 것인가를 생각할 것다. 추위와 배고픔을 어떻게 견디고 두려움과 고소는 어떻게 극복하는지를 안다. 로체남벽에 회색빛속으로 사라지는 석양과 장미빛 구름을 뚫고 올라오는 무수히 많은 태양을 보았다. 태양의 위대함은 창공에 빛났고 히말라야의 영광은 로체남벽에 빛났다. 절대 군주의 산 로체남벽 이제 이곳으로 다시 간다.
가야 할 길이라면 길을 열어 주시고 가지 말아야 할 길이라면 가지 않게하여 주시고 등반에 있어서 고통과 고난은 감수 하겠으나 위험이나 사고는 없게 하여 주시고 나를 불쌍히 여기소서….
이번 등반에 햡찬해주신 디파이타임 조나단 회장님 서상원 대표님게 진심 감사를 드리며

On the departure to the Lhotse South Face:
As I know it is not an easy mountain, I’ve been preparing and training for a long time. A famous mountaineer, turning around after experiencing few times of failures, said that it is the route of XXI century and climbing this one may be more valuable than climbing all the world’s 14 highest peaks. The strategy of my climbing is ‘not to give up’. And I know the best achievement in the climbing is a success without any casualty. I already failed several times in this mountain. I don’t need any praise from others. Regardless of failure or success, when we all happily climb with no regret, without accident, it will be the most honorable achievement of ourselves. Now the time has come. It will not be an easy one, rather a rough and harsh climbing. I am thinking how do we climb the wall and how can we achieve the success safely. I know how to endure coldness and hunger and know how to overcome pain and fear.
I’ve seen numerous sunset disappear in the grey light of the Lhotse South Face and countless suns rising over the rosy clouds on the mountain. The greatness of the sun shone on the blue sky and the glory of the Himalayas was on the wall. I go again to the mountain, an absolute monarch of the mountain.
If it is a road not to go, let me do not go. If it is the road to go, please open the road. I would willingly endure trials and sufferings, so please do not put in grave danger. Please give me powerful heart that does not feel horror and muscles that do not get tired. And please give me the ability to make accurate judgment and please have mercy on me.
Lastely, I would like to express the deepest gratitude for the chairman Jonathan Greenwood and CEO Sang-Won Seo of the sponsor company

Defytime.#defytime #Lhotsesouth #Himalayas

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lhotse south face
lhotse south face

Dear Everyone!

I’m happy and excited to announce Hong’s next expedition : Re-challenge to the Lhotse South Face. For over few years, Hong has been challenge to the Lhotse South Face, but unfortunately he couldn’t reach the summit leaving just few hundreds meters to the top. With more preparations, training and also with great members, he announced that he is finally ready to his re-challenge to the south face on the 2019 spring season.

Place : The south face of Lhotse (8,516m, 27,940 ft) – 3,300 meters wall from the base camp to the top

Period : March 2019 – May 2019

Route : Direct new route on the south face of Lhotse (modified Kukuczka route)


Sung-Taek Hong (Leader)

Sung-Taek Hong (Leader)

Jorge Egocheaga

Jorge Egocheaga

He Jing

He Jing

Nak-Jong Sung

Nak-Jong Sung

Gabriel Morant

Gabriel Morant

Uta Ibrahimi

Uta Ibrahimi

Sujin Choi

Sujin Choi

Jae-Chul Kim

Jae-Chul Kim

Sung-Woo Jo

Sung-Woo Jo

Jin-Kwon Woo

Jin-Kwon Woo

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