“I was hit by an avalanche while sleeping in the tent at the Camp 3 of Lhotse South Face. I lost consciousness at the moment. Fortunately, I could wake up by myself, but I couldn’t move my body at my will. I didn’t know I was survive or dead and I was confused whether I am alive, or I am seeing myself as a soul after my death. After for a while, I regained consciousness and awoke and looked around me and I found that only my body was remained at there. My sleeping bags and all the equipment with me were swept away by the avalanche. All the canvas was missed and there was only frame left, and only me at there. I was hit by two more small snow showers at that night and I had to desperately went down dragging down with exhausted body.”

–  Lhotse South Face expedition in 2017

“The Arctic exploration was also very hardship experience. The Artic feels like as if it’s not the place exists on our Earth and it belongs to other planets. It is an environment where it cannot be experienced anywhere else. It has a harsh coldness and dangerous and terrible ice surface. The cold even freezes heavy alcohol. And, there was a polar bear, a terribly horrible predator, who thinks that all living beings in the North Pole are their prey. The Arctic exploration was the most difficult exploration for me and it was so hard that even felt like hell.”

– North Pole expedition in 2005