5 Extremes.


An essay book telling about the experiences in SP, NP, Everest, Bering and Greenland
Hong, Sung Taek (2013). 5 Poles. Seoul,Korea: dreamN. ISBN 978-89-88349-41-0.

This is the genuine adventure of real men!

“It was a profound experience and grand sight. I struggled to survive out from dangers, hardship and fear, and learned the way to fight the piercing cold and hunger. Now, let’s begin this long about from the 28 years of experience in hiking and exploring.”

《Walking on that endless solemn glacier, the only thing I could hear was my ragged breathing!! 》

Surprisingly, there has been many explorers went on a polar expedition, but not many of them recorded their journey in detail. Finishing an exhausting day, keeping a detailed daily journal would be a taxing task for them. However, explorer captain Hong Sung-Taek recorded his daily experience vividly. His journal records the truth our human race is faced with global warning, the situation of the polar region that is only known to the explorers themselves, such as the glaciers swept away to the Pacific, rivers forming in Greenland from melted glaciers, the dark surface of ocean revealing itself after few million years old of glaciers melted away. The worries about global warming is not new to us, but reporting on what is really happening and witnessing them with bare eyes is something that has never done in human history. It was a duty of the explorers to check the site on behalf of the scholars and researchers whom are not able to be there in person. The story of overcoming the unthinkable hardships that one explorer could face during the expedition, his blood and sweat, the flaming passion to step toward the goal is vividly revealed in this book.

With the progress of civilization, we are in the time where we can travel the world as well as the space. However, the dazzling modern civilization does not reflect the value of that era. Until now, there are mysteries in many parts of the world that cannot be solved by human logic and still beyond the reach of human contact. Despite the invention of a plane that can fly across the continents in few hours, explorers are those who walks that unpaved road on their foot in the hope of getting closer to the answer for those unsolved mysteries. No matter how much the civilization evolved, what can be more certain than the facts they have discovered? What is more valuable than the footsteps they have left on the road by testing their limit? Captain Hong Sung-Taek is also someone who always choose to go forward without any doubts. He is someone who never stops until he touches the limit. With his unique philosophy, he never rests his journey to the pole. He always says he would risk everything he owns for the expedition and just like that, he went for the expedition on his own, unsupported. And this book is about the story of his tears and laughter on his expedition which he went on after giving up his wealth and privilege. It is a story of a humble man who stepped into a journey to the end of the earth with nothing but only with the ambition to explore more.