일상의 훈련.

히말라야 바람이 거칠고

산이 가혹할수록 내 심장과 근육은 더욱 강하게 뛰어야 한다.

Daily training.

The tougher the wind in Himalayas and the harsher the mountains, the faster my heart should beat and the stronger my muscles should be needed.

지난 등반 때도 홍성택 대장의 등반을 보도해왔던 스페인의 산악 매거진 Desnival에서 홍성택 대장의 로체남벽 재도전에 대하여 보도를 하였습니다. “20년을 그 벽에서”라는 타이틀로 앞으로의 등반 진행 상황에 대해서도 계속하여 업데이트를 할 것을 시사하였습니다. 기사 링크는 위의 사진을 클릭해주세요!

우크라이나의 익스트림 스포츠 전문 채널 4sport에서 홍성택 대장 로체남벽 도전에 대한 상세한 보도를 하였습니다. 재도전 준비에 대한 내용과 함께 홍성택 대장의 도전의 역사에 대해서도 상세히 전하였습니다.

러시아어로 된 기사 원본은 위의 기사 사진을 클릭해주세요!

Spanish newspaper wrote an article about Jorge and me. (The second largest newspaper in Spain) Jorge Egocheaga, who is my brother climbing with me, is a very strong and great climber. He already climbed all the 14 8 thousands. He is a surgeon in Spain and also very humble person. He is the most wonderful and excellent climber I have ever met.

스페인 신문에 호르헤와 나에 관한 기사가 났습니다. (스페인에서 두번째로 큰 신문사) 나와 같이 등반을 하고 있는 나의 형제인 호르헤 에고치아가 로드리게스, 그는 14좌를 무산소로 등반하였지만 굉장히 겸손하고 매우 강하고 훌륭한 산악인입니다. 그는 스페인에서 외과 의사입니다. 지금까지 만나본 산악인 중에 가장 멋지고 훌륭한 산악인입니다.

El gran escalador coreano Sung Taek Hong
“위대한 한국 산악인 ” 인터뷰

Entrevistado por Fer Insua y Carlos Eduardo Gonzalez
Publicada en Español e Ingles. Ingresa a la nota y desde allí accede a la versión en Ingles

The great Korean climber Sung Taek Hong
Interviewed by Fer Insua and Carlos Eduardo Gonzalez

Published in Spanish and English. Access the note and from there to the English version

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Jorge Egocheaga en su nuevo intento Carlos Soria Fontán
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이탈리아 Montagna.tv에서 홍성택 대장의 로체남벽 등반에 대해 보도하였습니다.

홍성택 대장이 오르고자 하는 로체남벽에 대한 설명에 이어, 지난 2019년 등반 영상을 자세히 소개하였습니다.

그리고 악천후 등 지난 등반에서의 어려움에 대해서도 설명하였는데요.

이탈리아의 언론에서도 꼭 한번 볼만한 좋은 영상이라고 추천하니 아래 유튜브 영상도 한번 감상해보세요!

2019년 로체남벽 등반 영상

– 지난 봄 로체남벽 등반 때

– Last spring when I climbed Lhotse South Face

World’s notable mountaineers and explorers – Hong, Sung Taek is a Korean mountaineer, adventurer and explorer. He was born on 13th of March, 1966 in the countryside of South Korea, and grew up helping his parents with their farming. Growing up in the countryside, he was always surrounded by nature and ran around to the mountains and rivers. He started Judo when he was in junior high school and he took up the career as a Judo player since then. He won many titles when he was in high school, thereby he entered University as a Judo athlete and majored in Judo.

He trained very hard for the medal in Olympics and went through numerous matches. However, there was an unfortunate accident that his opponent severely injured during the match, and he was deeply pained by that accident and became disillusioned with the sport, and he quitted Judo and wandered. To ease the pain and find some peace of mind, he started to go back to the mountains that he loved in his childhood. From then on, he was absorbed in the mountains, joined the alpine club and spent all his time climbing and hiking mountains.

After knowing mountains, he began dreaming about becoming a mountain climber and climbing the Himalayas, and the dream and mountains literally dominated his life since then.

His physical strength built up by the Judo training made him stand out when he climb mountains, so he has been picked for the expedition team to the Himalayas. During those Himalayan climbing, he lead the team more than any other members and he started to feel that he has a strong ability to survive and he has a sort of instinctive wildness in him. Those experiences gave him confidence that he can do well on extreme climbing and exploration, so he firmly decided to be a professional mountain climber and polar explorer. He’s been keep challenging much higher, tougher destinations from that time.

He is currently a National Geographic Explorers supported by a National Geographic explorers program and a principal of KSAF Mountaineers Academy. He is renowned for reaching all the Three Poles and crossing the Bering Strait and Greenland for the first time. He summited Everest in 1995, skied to the South Pole in 1994 and walked to the North Pole in 2005. He also crossed Bering Strait by foot in 2012 and crossed Greenland by dog sledding in 2011. He was thus the first in the world to reach all the five poles (Everest, North and South Poles, Bering Straits, Greenland).

Expeditions –

2019, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2007 & 1999 – He chose to reach Lhotse (8516 M) through one of the most technical, big and notorious walls in Himalaya, South Wall. However, he could reach upto 8300 M.

2012 – He crossed Bering Strait (by foot) (February 23 ~ 29, 2012)

2011 – He crossed Greenland (2500 km) (May ~ July 19, 2011)

2008 – He made an unsuccessful attempt to reach the summit of Everest SW face (8848 m)

2005 – He successfully reached North Pole (N90) (by foot) on 30th April, 2005

2002 – He made an attempt to Pumori thru east face (7117 m)

1998 – He successfully reached the summit of Thapa peak (6012 m) (April 18, 1998)

1996 – Dhaulagiri (8167 m) Annapurna (8091 m)

1995 – He successfully climbed Everest (8848 m) (October 14, 1995)

1995 – He made a successful bid of Shishapangma (8046 m) (August, 1995)

1994 – Sung reached South Pole (S90) (by ski and walk) (January 1, 1994)

1994 – He made an attempt to reach the summit of Pumori thru its NE face (7117 m)

1993 – He made the first bid to Everest (8848 m)

1992 – Sung successfully climbed Khan Tengri (7010 m) (August 5, 1991.

Credit – Website of Hong Sung Taek and other sources

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I was sobbing and praying in the white moonlight of Lhotse South Face to go to the top. Please, god, let the wind and snow stop, only for three days! However, the weather in the Himalayas was harsh, and the brutal winds blew without stopping even when the shadows lengthened with the sunset. Far away over the top of Amadablam, the beautiful sunset glow, soft like silk, was spread out over the sky, but at the same time, the rough winds blew towards us made me realize that I am just a weak and meaningless warmblooded creature. And I had to come back realizing that this was not the time, again.

나는 정상으로 가기 위해 로체남벽 하얀달빛아래 고개 숙여 흐느껴 기도했다 삼일만 눈과 바람을 멈추게 해 달라고 하지만 히말라야의 날씨는 가혹했고 불어 오는 처절한 바람은 저녁 그림자 길게 누워도 멈출줄 모르고 불어 왔다
멀리 아마다블람 정상 위론 노을이 비단결처럼 고운데 이곳으로 불어오는 바람은 내 몸속에 그저 따듯한 피가 흐르는 나약하고 무의미한 존재임을 깨닫게 했다. 그리고 나는 이번도 때가 아니라는것을 깨달았다.

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